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Traditional Thai Massage

This is a unique style of bodywork that is done on a mat lying on the floor.  Compressions, joint rotations and stretching are all utlized to open the joints, stretch the muscles and release blockages from the body, all while leaving the client in a relaxed state of mind.  To get the most out of this massage, the 2 hour session is highly recommended.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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1 hour.....$80    1.5 hour.....$105       2 hour.....$155    3 hour.....$225



Swedish/Deep tissue


This massage is done on a massage table which may be heated.  Typically the client will undress to their comfort level and be covered with a warm sheet and blanket.  Oil may be applied to create a glide on the skin.  The pressure can vary from light to firm depending on the clients needs.

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1 hour.....$80    1 1/2 hour.....$105    2 hour.....$155



Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can be done safely during all 3 trimesters.  Special consideration will be taken into account during each trimester to meet the individuals needs.  This massage will be performed in a side-lying and semi-reclining position.  In some situations a doctors note may be required.

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1 hour.....$80   1 1/2 hour.....$105